Real Estate Tax Exemptions For Not-for-Profit Organizations

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The firm proudly represents a number of not-for-profit organizations. This includes representation to obtain real estate tax exemptions as of right. These exemptions frequently require litigation and are therefore best handled by an experienced attorney.

At the law firm of Brandt, Steinberg, Lewis & Blond LLP, our lawyers have significant legal experience in the area of tax appeals, exemptions and abatements. In our many years of practice, we have helped many nonprofit organizations, including, but not limited to, churches and schools. Our firm also provides tax appeal representation and other assistance for nonprofit organizations throughout New York.

Exemptions As Of Right In New York City

Exemptions as of right are not always straightforward. For example, some not-for-profits lease portions of their property to nontax exempt entities resulting in partial or total loss of exemption benefits. We help not-for-profit organizations navigate this process to make certain they receive the appropriate level of benefits.

We have built relationships with many of our clients over the years, and we continue to maintain a strong reputation for effective representation of not-for-profit organizations.

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