New Construction Exemptions And Abatements

In order to encourage development of vacant land, redevelopment of improved parcels and upgrading of residential buildings, abatements and tax exemptions are often available to reduce the likely tax burden on those projects. Available exemptions and abatements vary wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For property owners, securing an exemption or abatement is best done with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Sometimes the municipality administering the exemption/abatement program denies an application for benefits. If your project has been denied benefits, we can review the application filings made to date and bring an action in state supreme court if necessary.

It is critical to note that some exemption/abatement programs require initial filings, BEFORE YOU EVEN PULL A PERMIT OR ACQUIRE A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY, or eligibility can be denied. Accordingly, please contact us immediately if you are ready to commence construction.

Extensive Knowledge Of Policies, Procedures And The Law

At the law firm of Brandt, Steinberg, Lewis & Blond LLP, our lawyers have significant experience working with clients, their contractors and architects to obtain the most favorable exemption and abatements available. Our clients trust us with facilitating the application process and making certain the most advantageous benefits are obtained.

The policies and procedures regarding abatements and tax exemptions are often varied and almost always complex. Some boroughs even have exclusion zones, denying benefits for certain types of construction or use. Developers and landlords can concentrate on other elements of their projects while we navigate the process on their behalf.

Contact Brandt, Steinberg, Lewis & Blond LLP For Experienced Counsel

For more information regarding exemptions and abatements in New York City, please contact our Director of Exemptions/Abatements, Richard A. Steinberg or the Assistant Director Ingrid Keating at Brandt, Steinberg, Lewis & Blond LLP. Call to make an appointment at 212-563-2200. You may also contact us online.